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Back To The Biz At Hand

Sometimes you have to vent and then move on. That’s what I’m doing in regards to the whole Paypal-playing-morality-police situation currently burning up erotica author blogs across the globe. Don’t misunderstand; I’m still pissed but life moves on and I … Continue reading

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Paypal: Taking A Sledgehammer To Artistic Freedom

I’ve thought long and hard about how to address what is happening within plain site of the masses and I’ve finally given up on being eloquent and level-headed. There are plenty of well-written, intelligent blogs out there speaking eloquently to … Continue reading

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Spicing Things Up, Doing Something New

True confession: CSS and other computer languages make me feel, um, challenged, so I’d put off creating my Alexx Andria page for months. I was assured by others that it was easy-peasy but as I started to poke around, I … Continue reading

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