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Sometimes you have to vent and then move on. That’s what I’m doing in regards to the whole Paypal-playing-morality-police situation currently burning up erotica author blogs across the globe. Don’t misunderstand; I’m still pissed but life moves on and I intend to move with it.
With that said, I’m turning to something we all face if we’re brave enough to post our artistic babies out there for others to criticize or adore — bad reviews.
We all love glowing testaments to our talent but what happens when someone comes along and squats over your hard-earned work and lets loose with a diarrhea-load of nastiness, splattering their opinion for everyone to see?
I’ve been writing for a long time, so you have to take the good with the bad, but sometimes, even jaded professionals such as myself (ha!) can get a little hot under the collar when someone is wretchedly mean about my work. When this happens, I fume and vent privately and then move on with a grumble. Rarely, do I post rebuttals — pointless and pretty much guarantees a flame war — but sometimes…man, I have to sit on my hands to keep from pounding the keyboard. Writers are human! We have feelings. I know, hard to believe. We do not sit in our ivory towers, immune to every slung arrow.
But I’ve started to wonder…what compels someone to pen an unflattering review? For me, if I read something that wasn’t my cuppa tea, I simply don’t recommend it to others but I don’t spend the time to tap out a mean review. I mean, just because I didn’t enjoy it, doesn’t mean someone else might not love it! Who am I to make that judgment call for someone else?
Recently, my freebie ONE NAUGHTY GIRL has been hit with some less than flattering reviews and I’m okay with it, but it did make me wonder…did they hate it so much that they felt compelled to warn the world? *shrug* Oh well. I’ll probably never know. Here’s the thing I try to keep in mind: for every reader who posts a negative review, there are scores who loved it and simply didn’t feel the need to advertise.
I’ve read plenty of stories and books that I loved but never posted a review about but I’ve talked them up plenty. Maybe I ought to change that habit.
The world needs more positive energy out there!
I’m currently working on ONE NAUGHTY GIRL 3. In spite of the haters…Landry James cannot be stopped! 😉
Alright…that’s it for now. Gotta get to work.

Tootles and happy reading,
Alexx Andria


About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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One Response to Back To The Biz At Hand

  1. Like I tell a friend, people can be idiots about things. Like the person in KB who plans to report all books that don’t have a Table of Contents (which in a fiction book I don’t see the use of and half the time don’t work). Or reviewers who hate a book and then decide to tell everyone who posted a good review that they must have been paid for the review, they’re a friend of the author who didn’t read the book, or that they are the author in various disguises. Or the reviewer that only posts bad reviews and never anything about what they did like.

    Congrats Landry James and Alexx Andria for not giving up! 😀

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