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I’m excited to finally (Geesh! I thought these characters would never find their finish.) finish the third in my sex slave trilogy. I’m really excited about the cover. It turned out well. There’s a sexiness and vulnerability to the model that immediately spoke to me.

It’s longer than the previous stories, clocking in at 12,300 words and it has a bit of a romantic edge to it that I absolutely love. I think it’s a fitting end to the trilogy and I’m ready to send it out into the big, bad world.

In celebration, I’ve decided to post a juicy excerpt:

Omar’s gaze narrowed as he considered my stance, noting with that sharp stare my tilted, stubborn jaw and eyes that flashed a promise of murder or suicide — whichever seemed the best course of action — and a slow, feral smile tipped his lips that caused a shiver to rock my spine, only I wasn’t entirely sure if the motion was prompted by fear or something else far more insidious.

“Tonight, you will wear my collar. It will be heavy with crusted jewels so that with each movement you will feel the weight of my power over you. It will be tight, reminding you that I hold your life in my hands and if it pleases me, I could squeeze the air from your throat. And, you will wear nothing but my collar until it pleases me otherwise.”

Suddenly, the diaphanous, thin covering was preferable to his alternative. I clutched at my breasts, trying to cover them from his greedy stare, but it was pointless. His stare seemed powerful enough to burn through the cloth with ease. I felt stripped bare already. A slow, warm trickle spread between my legs, horrifying me. I clenched my knees together, but the squeezing only intensified the low pulsing that refused to stop. I glared at him, hating that somehow he’d made my body react this way when I plainly hated him and everything he stood for.

When I remained silent but curled in a tight ball, he said in a measured tone that sent a warning shiver down my spine. “However,” he paused, regarding me with a calculated stare as if working out a math problem in his head. “In the past I have been known to brand unruly pets. It’s painful and not my preferred method but you will find I am a firm Master and one not to be trifled with. I will give you the choice. Brand or collar?”

I caught the worried stares of the girls as they awaited my answer. Their concern for me dulled the razor’s edge of reckless abandonment taking control of my mouth and I answered in a barely audible whisper, “Collar.”

He smiled, pleased. “I look forward to seeing you in nothing but jewels, my lovely girl. And tonight…” his eyes seemed to darken even further until I was certain he was a demon and not simply a depraved man with more money than God as he said, “I will pluck the cherry I paid good money to take.”

I bit my lip to keep it from trembling.

“Take her,” he directed and the big servant pulled me none too gently from the bed. I kicked and thrashed but ultimately, it did little to stop or deter him. I felt like a rag doll being dragged by a gorilla. I sent one last pleading look at the girls before the door shut behind me.

Seconds later, the sound of high-pitched giggles and breathy sighs followed me as I was pulled down the long hallway.

Is it hot in here? Don’t miss this hot story of a woman who is lost and finds herself in the most unlikely of places.

Also in the series, OWNED, and SOLD. Look for them at


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