The news has already hit every blogger site on the ‘Net but for the sake of continuity, I will post on my blog as well. In a nutshell: Paypal is eating crow and more change is afoot…except this time, the change is good.
Thanks to the outpouring of opposition to Paypal’s insidious decision to censor content by restricting access to their services if certain themes were used within the purchased content, Paypal has backed down significantly, which is a welcome relief to those who make their living writing erotica.
For a little background, here’s a link to the Chicago Tribune that sums it up:,0,7059426.story
And there you have it.
Personally, I’m glad this particular tsunami of crap has been downgraded to simply choppy waves and a lot of wind because it really hampered my creativity. It’s difficult to write when in the back of your head, you’re worried that the work will never find a home. Now that it’s all said and done, I’m ready to just get back to work.
To that end, I have a new release that’s currently “In review” at Amazon and it should go live sometime today (March 15). I will post a picture and blurb of the cover as soon as it’s live.
Tootles peeps and happy reading to all!


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USA Today bestselling romance author
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