A Print Project

Erotica is a perfect dancing partner for the electronic age; no one needs to know what you’re reading and thus, no judgments are given. However, it made me wonder, would my readers enjoy the opportunity to purchase particular series in print version? The idea has percolated in my brain and here’s what I’ve been considering. Once I’m finished with the Breeding Prophecy series (cool werewolves and sex!) I’m going to create a print version with all sorts of new goodies thrown in, such as additional POV and fleshed out scenes, so that the print version is more like, *gasp* a full-length novel! I think I might do this for my One Naughty Girl series, but that’s far from being over just yet. How about a printed bundle of my short stories all rolled up in one scintillating package? What are your thoughts? Sounds like fun to me. I think I might do it for giggles but I am curious…what do my readers want?
Nice sidenote: a reader gave me the sweetest thrill and a major ego boost. She said she’d like to see a full length erotic novel by me! I am traditionally published in my other life. In fact, I just finished writing a 350-page novel and turned it into my editor this morning. It’s food for thought. Either way, I was tickled and the compliment made my day. Thank you, sweet fan!


About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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