One Naughty Girl 4!

ImageYes, that Naughty Girl, Landry James, is up to her usual tricks, only this time the assignment is not only kinky but dangerous.

If you’ve just stumbled on my One Naughty Girl series, you’re in for a treat. The first in the series is offered for FREE on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which will get you up to speed on the premise but I can sum up: hotter than hell housewife is recruited by an ultra secret government agency to use her particular skill-set (an expert in the art of sex) for the greater good (or what the government feels is the greater good, which may or may not be an accurate picture of what’s what). This particular installment sends Landry and her new operative Liam O’Connor to Europe to pose as a slave and her Master to a Choosing party hosted by The Shadow. Who is The Shadow? A big, bad man with a penchant for lovely, collared women. You don’t want to miss this next exciting installment as Landry tries to wiggle her way out of harm’s way with that sexy body and sharp wit. Does she succeed? You’ll have to read and see! Enjoy!


About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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2 Responses to One Naughty Girl 4!

  1. mandii says:

    When is the next installment of landry James being released?

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