Hot and Haunted!

Getting dominated by a man she can’t say no to! Literally!

Confession! I love ghost stories! And to be truthful, there’s something intriguing (and hot) about a ghost who’s determined to have his wicked way with someone, no matter how much they might protest! It’s dubcon of the paranormal variety and I LOVE it. This little perverted tale was simply too much fun to write. And, it’s very hot. Apparently, ghosts can do things that your average flesh and blood bloke cannot. Intrigued? How about a teaser taste!
“Hello Miss Kyle,” he said to me, his voice sliding over me like butter over a hot biscuit. “You look good enough to eat.”
I laughed. It was only a dream. Why not play around? Once I’d dreamt I’d had sex with my childhood pastor. I tried not to overanalyze that one but it’d been hot while it’d lasted and my panties had actually been damp when I’d awoken. Of course, I’d never told anyone about that particularly shameful dream. “Come to scare me away?” I asked playfully, noting with interest how his big body was comprised of rough and hard planes, like that of a man who knew how to use his hands, unlike my cheating scum-sucking boyfriend who wouldn’t have known what to do with a hammer if it’d come with instructions.
A slow smile spread across his lips as he replied, “No, I’ve come to fuck you.”
His blithe comment shocked a bark of laughter from me as I stared at the man who looked incredibly real for a dream. “Is that so? And how do you think you’re going to manage that?” I asked, amused.
“The usual way,” he answered as he peeled his shirt from his body. Just as I’d imagined, he was well-built beneath his clothes, with a mat of hair curling on his chest. He was sturdy and thick with muscles created by years of hard work bunching his shoulders and biceps. My imagination was certainly working overtime to create a nice fantasy, even if it was a strange one. I figured the dream would shift soon to something totally unrelated as dreams were known to do, but soon he was standing there naked as a bird, his monstrous cock — holy hell, that definitely couldn’t be real — jutting out like a heat-seeking missile ready to plunder and destroy. I gasped and couldn’t help but stare. Damn, I was a freaking pervert to conjure up such a cock on a man. It was nearly frightening. Truthfully, I’d always wondered what it would feel like to be impaled by such a giant cock. It wasn’t like normal guys were packing that kind of heat in their pants.
“Like what you see?” he asked.
“Of course, it’s my dream after all.”
“This is no dream, Miss Kyle,” he said, advancing toward me, his grin widening as his cock swung side to side with the motion of his step. “But this is a night you’ll never forget, I promise you.”
Wowza. That’s what I’m talking about! Hot stuff, right? That was just a taste, of course. Oh, and if you want to read it for free (yes, I’m insane to offer a brand new story for free!), I’m going to offer it for a few days TOTALLY FREE (June 19-22). But after that, it’s going up for sale so spread the word and go get it while it’s hot, hot, hot! (Tweets are liked and appreciated, if you feel so inclined!)



About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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