Serialized erotica

Some are fans, others are not but I have several stories arcs that are considered serialized erotic fiction in which the reader receives what would be considered a very long chapter (approx. 4,000-6,000 words) that leads the reader to the next installment. This isn’t a new concept and other genre authors have been doing it for ages. What I find fun about erotic serials is the reader is getting the added bonus of being turned on, all the while following a particular set of characters through a story arc.
However, not everyone enjoys serialized stories, and there have been some reviewers who have been quite verbal in their opinion as of late with my Landry James series. I would never try to pull one over on my readers and I state clearly the word length as well as the fact that it’s a serialized erotic series. There is a story arc that weaves it’s way through the segments and yes, there will be an end. In fact, we’re closing in on the end soon. But when I envisioned Landry James, I always knew the series would continue for several segments before reaching it’s conclusion.
My hope is that readers become invested in the character and thus, find value in each segment, above and beyond the hot sex factor. The premise is over-the-top but it’s supposed to be. I wanted it to be a little bit “Alias” and little bit campy porn with just a dash of humor, presented with a big shiny bow in the form of an engaging story for my readers.
I know I can’t please everyone and I wouldn’t even try but I thought I’d address some of the issues the more vocal readers have presented in their reviews.
To that end, in June alone, there have been close to 16,000 downloads of ONE NAUGHTY GIRL, which is currently free and riding in a nice spot in the top 100 Free Erotica. Clearly, while there are some grumpy readers, there are plenty more who are engaged in the characters and looking for more. So, to those who are loving Landry James and her story: Thank you! Your readership and enjoyment are what matter most.
And to those who are unhappy with the perceived value of my series, it’s unfortunate we could not reach a meeting of the minds and I wish you happy reading elsewhere.



About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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