New Release Euphoria and Other Stuff…

I’m riding a high. Not from anything illicit but something far more lasting and less harmful to the body. I’m talking about the euphoria from watching a new release find its wings and soar. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see that the Breeding Prophecy is being so well-received by my readers. This series is just HOT and layered with depth, in spite of the short format. I will be working on the final installment within a few weeks and I have just one word to share with you on that score: SERRA. Readers of the series will know who that is and what it means. Mwuahhhh! (I’m a terrible tease, aren’t I?)

But now that THE PURSUED is out and doing well on its own, it’s time to return to those deliciously naughty rich boys who have done the unthinkable and actually purchased a woman for their own sexual pleasure. Some readers have questioned my decision to add a black sheep to the mix, but I have to admit, bad boys turn my clock. There’s just something about a man who knows how to twist a woman inside out sexually and emotionally with a mildly bad attitude to go with it. Of course, the best part about a bad boy is discovering that hidden sweet and vulnerable spot that only the heroine can find. Will Penny manage to dig past that hard, arrogant exterior of Dillon Buchanan? Will she remain loyal to the twins when she’s tempted by Dillon? The Buchanan brothers are sin and sex, money and privilege all wrapped up in one sexy package but in this game, the stakes are high: Someone might just lose their heart!

I’m hoping to have the next installment finished within the next two weeks so stay tuned!

Also, final note, please, please! (yes, this is me begging prettily) tell your friends about my work if you think it’s worthy! My satisifed and loyal fans are the ones who make all of this possible! Without YOU, I am nothing. šŸ™‚




About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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4 Responses to New Release Euphoria and Other Stuff…

  1. jacklyn silva says:

    amazing reads! hot sex secenes….and my Husband doimg the Happy Dance every time I read one of your books and smiles,,,,keep doing the do”s what ever it is you do. That bring on the best reads. Oh by the way….The Breeding Prophecy is…….The Bomb!!! …thank u ….J.silva

  2. Julia says:

    No offense, I hate mini books. Why not write a big one? Read all three little books yesterday. Now I have to frustratedly (a word?) wait on the 4th. Auhhhhh! Love your writing. Caught one of your free books on amazon – so I watch out for your name.

    • Well, I’m so happy you love my work even if you’re not a fan of the serialized story arc. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I find that in today’s busy world, readers enjoy having a bite-sized bit of entertainment, which is why the serialized format works so well. I write trad novels under my real name and love the freedom to explore the story a bit more but it’s also so fun to see a story go from my imagination and straight to the readers (with a few minor stops along the way) unlike my trad work, which goes through an editing process and takes about a year before it hits the shelves. It takes me about four months to write a full-length (85,000 words) novel but only a week or two if I push myself, to finish a serialized installment. Even though it’s not your preferred story length, I hope you stick around! Thanks for posting!

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