Something to whet the appetite…

Because I’m a colossal tease, I have something for the fans of my Billionaire Brothers series…enjoy!
Penny jumped at the sound of Dillon’s voice at the sensitive shell of her ear and shivered as a secret thrill chased her consternation that Dillon, Vince and Nolan’s oldest brother, had somehow crashed this exclusive party.
“What are you doing here?” Penny asked, determined to keep things frosty between her and Dillon. She belonged to Vince and Nolan, the twin Buchanan brothers and there was bad blood between the twins and Dillon, so that meant she automatically owed her allegiance to the twins. “I thought this party was by invitation only?”
Dillon produced a slim, hand-written invitation in fussy calligraphy between his index and middle finger then with a flick tucked it back into the dark confines of his tailored suit. “Seems there are a few people who still enjoy my company. My brothers notwithstanding, of course.” He gave the room a cursory glance. “Speaking of, where are Frick and Frack tonight? Surely, they didn’t think to leave their little lamb in the company of wolves? Particularly when the wolves are hungry.”
Penny’s breath hitched at the bold way Dillon’s gaze skimmed her curves before returning to her astonished eyes. She struggled to catch her breath when her heart rate threatened to spike to an unacceptable level and tried to ignore the flutterings of arousal that always sparked to life whenever Dillon was within two feet of her.
“Are you feeling all right, dove?” Dillon asked solicitously, though his handsome mouth twitched with knowing. She glared and jerked a nod, swallowing and looking away to compose herself.
“My dress is tight,” she muttered. “And it’s hot in here.”
“Of course,” he acquiesced though in truth, she knew he was simply agreeing with her because he enjoyed toying with her. Dillon Buchanan was the worst sort of man — handsome enough to make a girl forget just how bad he was and just bad enough to make a girl think of terribly sexual things with a smoldering glance — and Penny had to check herself each time he poked his head into her life. Which, as of late, seemed like a lot.
“Stop it,” she said, shocking him with her terse demand. “I know what you’re doing and I’m not about to fall for it.”
“Oh?” One dark slash of an eyebrow lifted in mock surprise. “Do tell. What am I doing aside from providing you with a little friendly company in a room filled with strange faces? Perhaps I was mistaken in my assumption that you looked ready to pass out from sheer terror.”
“I did not look ready to pass out,” she said indignantly, but it was probably the fact that he was right that bothered her most. She had felt ready to crumple to the floor in a puddle of Vera Wang couture.
Penny swallowed and desperately searched for a familiar face, or more specifically, two intimately familiar faces before she tumbled into pure panic. Of course, they couldn’t arrive together. No one could know about their arrangement — technically, it was illegal to own another human being, even if that human being was a willing participant — so that meant Penny had been forced to arrive on her own to a party where she knew no one aside from Vince and Nolan Buchanan, her Masters.
“Tell me, Penny, what is it about me that makes you so jittery?”
Her nose twitched at the sharp tang of his cologne as well as the subtle but alluring scent of pure masculine skin and she had to scowl to prevent herself from leaning in for a deeper inhale. “Perhaps I just don’t like you,” Penny replied with a cool smile that belied the heat curling in her belly. There was something about Dillon that stole her breath and made her think of things best left alone. Guilt sharpened her tongue as she added with a lift of her chin, “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find Vince and Nolan. They’re probably looking for me as we speak.”
But as she took a step away, Dillon’s voice trailed at her back in a silky murmur that for all its soft delivery may as well have been shouted. “Or maybe, you like me too much…” he suggested and she shuddered, melting into the crowd of people as if the devil was on her heels.
Who’s excited?? (Me!)


About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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8 Responses to Something to whet the appetite…

  1. MORE!!!!! When well u be releasing this one and please make it more than one sex scene lol ❤

  2. I’m working feverishly as we speak!

  3. cassandra white says:


    • LOL! I love your enthusiasm! (Please tell your friends!) To answer your question, the next installment goes live TODAY!!! I’d hoped to have it ready by Friday but I went out of town and didn’t get it formatted in time. It should go live sometime before noon today if Amazon remains true to its 12-hour window.



  4. Kimberly Konopinski says:

    When will it be available at B&N? I can’t wait!!!

  5. Julia says:

    When is book 4 coming out?

    • I want to jump right into it but I promised fans of The Breeding Prophecy that I would immediately start the final — and thrilling, I might add — installment of my werewolf saga. Hopefully, I will have another installment of the Billionaire Brothers within a few weeks! Thanks for being a loyal fan!

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