Keeping up with the Tech

You have to keep up with technology when you are a writer. Gone are the days where you can just hunt and peck away at your typewriter creating wonderful stories for people to enjoy you have to embrace social media you have to look for new ways to be efficient and one of those ways that I’ve discovered is Dragon speak.

I’m not the first to jump on the dictation bandwagon but I excited to start using it more extensively I think it’ll save my wrists which were really honestly starting to complain with lots of pain.

I’m not sure this is something I’ll use all the time but I think it’s a tool that I will enjoy having in my arsenal and in this day and age you really can’t afford to ignore new ways to be productive and efficient.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of dictation as it’s a lot easier to just talk out loud like talking to a friend but until now dictation hasn’t really been something that is all that user-friendly and now with the advances in technology it’s far more intuitive and efficient.

One of my writing buddies Katie Cramer she is the one who really sold me on Dragon speak because she uses it extensively and she uses it for everything. Blog posts, emails, stories, all manner of business — and frankly I just realized that as I’ve gotten older I really need to baby my wrists in order to escape a carpal tunnel diagnosis.

So here I am dictating my first post and even now there are some bumps as I adjust to composing out loud rather than simply in my head and flowing through my fingers I’m excited about the possibilities of increasing my productivity and being more efficient with my time and embracing new ways to create.

Which, is perfect timing, because I am way behind on my deadline and I have a full novel due to my publisher by January and I am woefully behind. So I’m hoping that Dragon speak is going to help me meet my deadline so that I still have a job in the new year. How about you? Have you ever tried dictation software? If so, what did you think? So far I think it’s pretty awesome.

With that said, it’s time to stop goofing around and get to work.




About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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2 Responses to Keeping up with the Tech

  1. Emma Plummer says:

    I enjoy your Billionaire Brothers series very much although, I have purchased the 4th installment I have decided to wait until they all come out read at once. I will admit it’s a big tease everytime I turn on my Nook and it begs for me to read it. I am patiently waiting for 5 & 6. My main reason for writing is to ask what the other name you write under is. I saw in one of your posts you didn’t care that it was out and I would love to read some of your romance…maybe I already have and didn’t even know it.
    p.s. I don’t mind spending $20 for all the installments iit is well worth it!!

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