A Q&A About My Writing Process

Even though I’m working feverishly on many projects — including the next installment of the Billioniare Brothers — I thought I’d take a moment to answer a few Q and A about my writing process for my fans. I believe it deepens the reading experience if you know a bit about the author and since I love to gab with fans, here goes!

1). Where do you get your ideas?
In a word: EVERYWHERE! My mind is constantly barraged with snippets of conversation, questions, and scenarios that may or may not be appropriate for a story idea but my muse doesn’t care about that and simply throws whatever she pleases at me, no matter if I’m busy doing other things and can’t spare the time to play. I love creating new worlds, new characters, and new stories. I sincerely love my job and so if I work an 18-hour day doing what I love, I don’t consider that a tragedy. Sometimes, I have to force myself to step away from the computer because life needs tending (kids, hubby, bills etc.).

2). The Billionaire Brothers is one of your best-selling series. Did you expect readers to love it as much as they do?
I didn’t know if readers were going to love them but I already knew that I loved them and couldn’t wait to write their story. Penny, Nolan, Vince and Dillon — all four have some growing to do! Even though there’s plenty of hot, raw sex, the stories are not just sex. The characters are invested in the story and I care about how they’re represented in the series. What I enjoy most about this story arc, is the shades of grey in each character. No one is innocent; no one is wholly guilty. I am fascinated by the complexity of people’s motivations and these characters are ripe with hidden wells of angst, regret, shame covered with a veneer of SEXY! (Who wouldn’t find that addicting to read about?)

3). There’s a rumor that you’re also a traditionally published romance author. Care to spill details?
I’ve been found out! Who talked?? No, just kidding. I don’t care who knows. Yes, I wear two hats and I love being able to satisfy both itches in completely different genres. In my other life, my 19th book is getting ready to hit the shelves in January. I was also a RITA award nominee, which was a huge thrill, even though I didn’t bring home the statue. Writing erotica has enabled me to run free with the heat level in my stories that I usually have to temper in my contemporary work and I’m having too much fun!

4). What does your writing schedule look like?
Chaos. Need I say more? Oh, you want more than that? Okay…well, I try to write in the afternoon or the late evening — basically, any time the kids are in school or in bed because it’s really difficult to concentrate when a little person is constantly badgering you with questions or their cute chatter. But since I also design ebook covers with a huge waiting list of clients, I have to be pretty efficient with my time or else I’d never get any sleep.

5). Can you give us some insight as to your next projects?
Well, after I finish the Billionaire Brothers, I should finish One Naughty Girl, and then I have a new series I’d like to start but I’m still trying to figure out the story arc and it’s about the dark and sinful world of high fashion models. The idea is somewhere in my head but I haven’t gotten very far as to who the main players are yet. But I have a gut feeling that it’s going to be a page turner! As soon as I know more, you’ll know, too!

6). You mentioned in your most recent newsletter that you were discontinuing certain types of stories (the really dirty stuff!) why did you make this decision? Doesn’t it sell?
That’s a great question and I’m happy to answer. I’ll be honest, it does sell but with the e-retailer’s decision to filter adult content to protect minors, it’s become very difficult to find on a basic search. But to be honest, although it was an adventure to write those types of stories, it’s just not where my passion lies and I’m excited about writing more stories with plenty of heat and lots of story. So far, my readers have responded with their hard-earned cash that they agree! 🙂

Thanks for listening! This was fun. If you’re not a newsletter subscriber, please consider signing up so you can stay abreast (ha!) of everything that’s happening, such as new releases, giveaways and other fun stuff.




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USA Today bestselling romance author
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