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THe link!

Finally! Advertisements

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Live! (Sort of!)

BB5 is live on Barnes and Noble and mostly live on Amazon. My dashboard says the book is live but I can’t seem to find the link. Here is the Amazon ASIN in case you want to keep searching! B00B5E7QAC … Continue reading

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Digging into the emotion…

Just a quick note to my fans who are anxiously awaiting the next installment to the Billionaire Brothers — it is with the proofreader right now! — which means I should be able to have it uploaded and ready for sale by … Continue reading

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A Peek…

Trad book is finished and guess what’s next on my schedule? Yessss! Those Billionaire Brothers! Here’s a tease…. Dillon sat in the dark nursing his celebratory scotch long after his brothers had hustled Penny off in their awaiting Towncar and … Continue reading

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A quick note to vent because I know we’re all friends here… Lately, I’ve been hit with a few nasty grams about the length of my Billionaire Brothers series installments. First, while I appreciate constructive feedback, it seems particularly mean … Continue reading

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