A taste for my fans…

First, my fans (yes, this means YOU) are uhhhh-mazing! Each lovely comment and sweet email sharing how much you are loving the Billionaire Brothers series is so gratifying. It’s your enthusiasm that fills me with excitement as I head into the final installment of the series and I can’t wait until we all reach that thrilling conclusion of this fantastic story. Love, heartache, intrigue, betrayal — can you say DELISH?
Second, an update of my progress…I am on track to be finished by end of next week! Assuming all hell doesn’t break loose between now and then…I should be able to release for the weekend. Sound good? Excellent!

But to whet your appetite (or maybe to tease you mercilessly), here is a taste of the final installment!


Dillon had balls of steel to walk up to her as if nothing had happened, wearing a grin fit to bamboozle even the most stoic of women as if she’d just fall into his arms because he deigned to talk to her.
Screw that.
She was tired of the men in her life treating her as if she were too stupid to think for herself or assuming she didn’t have an opinion about what was going on.
She had plenty of opinions about the situation and right about now, she was ready to share them with the first unlucky fool to cross her path.
Maybe it was all those years of squelching her feelings, hopes or dreams that it’d somehow become normal to simply nod like a bleating sheep and follow wherever she was led but those times were over. Penny didn’t know if the change was attributed to the fact that her heart had been stomped into a million pieces along with her dignity or she was simply fed up with everything going wrong in her life but she wasn’t going to sit back and swallow her feelings any longer.
She wanted answers, damn it.
Everything spiraled back to Isabel and so far, Dillon had only shared half the story. What the hell had happened in the Buchanan family to create such a psychic fracture? She knew the barest of details: Isabel had killed herself by doing a swan dive from the twins’ penthouse and she’d been pregnant when she died. But she didn’t know what the twins’ involvement was or why Dillon hadn’t simply apologized for being an ass and repaired his relationship with his father. How had one incident torn apart the lives of so many people?
It was plain to her that each of the Buchanans were suffering from an overabundance of pride, which had festered into ugly wounds in different ways.
Was it her problem that the Buchanans had never learned how to have a simple conversation? Communication, people. Try it sometime. Emboldened by her fresh infusion of courage and chutzpah, Penny felt more in control of her life than she had in years.
For so long she’d sat behind a desk, hoping and wishing someone would notice her — but not just anyone — someone dashing, handsome and just a bit wicked. Her Papa had always warned her to be careful what she wished for because God had a funny sense of humor. She’d been star-struck by the twins but Dillon had knocked her sidewise. She’d not only been noticed by one man with all those qualities but three! Talk about overkill. And her life had changed in an instant. From the clothes she wore to the way she wore her hair, nothing seemed remotely recognizable from the outside; however, Dillon had seen that she was more than a doll to dress up and play with from time to time and that was something the twins had failed to recognize.
But there was one thing all three Buchanans shared in common and it was something that likely, neither realized or would admit: deep down, they were all good men. If there was a kernel of goodness inside them, with the right encouragement, it could bloom and grow. But how was she supposed to make that happen? And even if she could, should she? Maybe she ought to cut ties completely. She could give back the money and break the contract. Penny stilled. Was she ready to make that bold of a statement? Was she ready to completely walk away from everything associated with the Buchanans? A part of her offered a weary yes but the other part said no. At the moment she didn’t know which part was stronger or why. All she was certain of was that she needed more answers before she made her decision and if no one seemed eager to share details, she’d just have to find them on her own.
Oh yes! Penny is coming into her own! Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion of this decadently debauched series! 😉



About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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5 Responses to A taste for my fans…

  1. mindy says:

    OMG you are a very bad girl Alexx! I can’t waite.

  2. valerie says:

    So excited about the BB series, I can’t wait till the last installment.. Thank you

  3. Sandy says:

    Love the series, can’t hardly stand the wait for the last one.

  4. tan stines says:

    I thought that the next book would be out today? I’m going crazy waiting for it! I sure hope it’s soon!!!!! Real soon!!! PLEASE!

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