BB Bundle

Some readers have expressed an interest in having the entire series in one bundle, so your wish is my command. The Billionaire Bundle series should be live by Sunday evening at all venues.
Here’s a question for my adoring fans…how interested would you be in a spin-off series featuring Nolan and Vince Buchanan? I think it could be fun…what do you think? I’d love to hear from you.



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USA Today bestselling romance author
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6 Responses to BB Bundle

  1. ashley says:

    Yes id love to hear their story!!!!

    • Good to know! Would you have a preference for who’s story goes first? I was leaning toward Vince! He’s such a poor tortured soul. I think it would take some extra special to crack that nut.

  2. susanhow says:

    Y E S ! ! I’d love MORE! Please.

  3. Valerie says:

    Yes…want more!!!!

  4. viktay says:

    Hi Ms Andria,

    Just to let you know that the bundle set isn’t working when purchased from kobo, it just gives an error that says empty spine ( aka there’s no content in the file) 😦

    I was really looking forward to bundle cause I was delaying purchasing the series till it came out since I only got on the BB bandwagon around book 5… 😦

    So would it be possible for you to post a notice here when the issues are resolved? Cause kobo is being deliberately obtuse about a time frame, and I can’t purchase it from amazon or b&n cause all of your work is apparently not available to customers in Asia & Pacific. 😦

    Thank you!

    p.s. I can’t wait till the spin-offs are out! No more delayed gratification this time. 😉

    • Argh! Thanks for letting me know. Kobo is such a pain. Let me tell you, they are the biggest bunch of idiots out there and they have no care whatsoever about their customers. I will send them a note but it’s anyone’s guess how quickly they resolve the issue. But in the meantime, email me and I will send you something for your trouble. 😉

      Alexx Andria

      alexxandria2772 at gmail dot com

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