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Recently, Amazon implemented some changes to their vetting process, which included discontinuing their “like” feature as well as the tagging feature. I don’t mind losing those features as they were a bit cumbersome and time consuming to manage for the author and the reader. Another change was the prompt for readers to review their purchase as Amazon algorithms give more weight to more favorably reviewed books and sink low starred reviewed books so as to make room for the, presumably, superior choice for the consumer. Whether or not this is a good thing in the long run, as readers have complained about the prompt, saying it makes them feel pressured into doing something they might not have, otherwise remains to be seen but it has created a nice uptick of good reviews for many of my titles.

Often, writers grouse about the inevitable one-star reviews that happen because no one likes to have their work pointed at and called ugly but I thought instead of giving attention to the one-star, let’s celebrate the readers who found the work amazing. The bottom line is this: life can be hectic and stressful more often than it is beautiful and fulfilling. To know that I’ve created a moment of pleasure in someone’s otherwise chaotic and stressful life gives me joy and is beyond humbling.

So, I’ve plucked a few stellar reviews left behind on my work for my “Top Rated” wall of celebration! If you see your review, let me know! As always, thank you for being such lovely, loyal fans. 🙂

This book wad great j ‘really enjoyed reading this book once I started I couldn’t put it down I had to keep reading. All can say is you most read this book.” — Precious, reviewing The Buchanan’s Baby

“I enjoyed this book. I could lose myself in this book, good descriptions. I would recommend this book to anyone who reads romances or adult books.” — Martha Braddy, reviewing The Buchanan’s Baby

“Absolutely just love it can’t wait to buy the next book it’s up their right next to fifty shades of grey for me.” — Maria George, reviewing Bought By The Billionaire Brothers

“I must admit, I got the first installment free, and after reading it; I instantly went in search of the remaining chapters. The story line didn’t loose anything from start to finish, and had me captivated from begining to end. Very well writen. Though it’s an “erotica” novel and yes there are some very steamy scenes, the story was always there. When I came to the end, I nearly cried. So happy and well writen, I was moved. Well Done, Alexx..I look foward to more of your work.” — Rebecca Corbine, reviewing Bought By The Billionaire Brothers Bundle

“All I can really say is wow….my kind of fantasy, makes real life seem very dull at times, this book is a re readable book.” — Joi Marazita, reviewing Bought By The Billionaire Brothers

“It’s a huge leap from the first Bought by Billionaire Brothers to The Buchanan’s Baby but the author landed it beautifully. One minute it’s down and dirty erotica and around the curve here comes Springfield, USA and there’s Leave it to Beaver ( which sounds incredibly filthy but it’s still true and funny). Is there anything sexier than a tamed rake? I don’t think so..this book was not too short and never lagged. Found just one typo so almost perfection. This isn’t a stand alone but the bought by billionaire bundle is now out and I can’t wait for Vince’s story.” — Rainbow Tourist, reviewing The Buchanan’s Baby

“I’m SO happy I was able to get this series as a bundle so that I didn’t have to go from one installment to the next. Bought by the Billionaire Brothers is a captivating story that gave me everything I love in a story: alpha males, shy woman realizing her potential, and a twist that grabs you and won’t let go. Honestly the twist that Alexx Andria gives is was heart wrenching and beautifully done, I honestly did not see that coming at all. The ending left me satisfied (plus the fact that she’s doing spin offs for two very beloved characters). The characters where well written and had a depth to them that made it easy to empathize and sympathize with/for them. Overall I would highly recommend this series to anyone who loves the Romance/erotica genre seeing as this is one of those few pieces you can genuinely say “Bravo” to.” — Booksmart, reviewing Bought By The Billionaire Brothers bundle

“I am so happy that the series ended the way that it did. I will say that i will recommend to anyone that wants to read this book to make sure that you read the other books in this series first. They stop and start up again very quickly. HAPPY READING.” — Nancy, reviewing The Destined

“Reading “Brought by the billionaire brothers” Series was a Privilege from beginning to end. The fact that you made this story seem real was like no other I’ve ever read before, In this case Penny was able to make a difference in the lives of the Buchanan brothers on something that seem impossible to repair. And now two people were able to love, but does it have to end there? Thank you Alexx Andria for this amazing work.” — BBW/Erotica/Paranormal, reviewing Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 6

“This book was fantastic n I can’t wait to read the next one and more. I give this author an A+” — C, reviewing Bought By The Billionaire Brothers

This is by no means all of the five star reviews but they are a good handful! If you’ve never considered leaving a review for an author’s work, if you loved the work, why not tell the world? Thank you to all my loyal readers and fans for continually making my job THE BEST EVER.








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