Home Sweet Home


Here’s me, exhausted, on Saturday during the last leg of RWA’s national conference in Atlanta, GA. Such a wonderful whirlwind of networking, learning, listening, and laughing. This year was particularly awesome as I got the opportunity to gab with mega rising star Julia Kent as well as picked up an autographed copy of Sara Fawkes’ mega hit, Anything He Wants. RWA is a wonderful time and I never miss it. Next year, the conference is in Texas! I’ve never been to Texas so this should be particularly exciting.
It’s so wonderful to sleep in my own bed, cuddled up to my favorite snuggle parter, as well as back to the familiar but that also means back to work! Next week I will post a poll to get my fans opinion on what they’d like to see next. Quite a few have asked me if Lana Winters and Laird Teichert have a story in the pipeline and I feel that yes, they do have a story but I need to gauge interest in a spin-off series about the Teichert family before I jump into that one. He’s also a rich, spoiled boy from a slightly different background in construction and as you know from the BB series, Lana was grievously wounded during an unfortunate incident at Malvagio. So…yeah…what do you think? Let me know your thoughts.

I want to give a big shout out to all my newsletter fans. We’ve managed to barrel past the 1,000 subscribers mark! I feel so lucky to have such eager fans who appreciate my work. Nothing makes an author feel warm and fuzzy faster than fans who clamor for their work.*sigh* Thank you for the warm and fuzzies!

The next week should be brutal as I finish up a contracted book for Kimberly but then I should have some time to play.

Oh! Before the end of the year I plan to get a new look for the website! I plan to overhaul this bitch and get a fresh, professional look so that should be fun!

Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your summer and staying cool.



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2 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. susanhow says:

    I am so glad that you are now back and a bit rested and ready to write more of your wonderful stories. YES, I would love a LONG story about Lana Winters and Laird Teichert . You might be aware that there are now many discussions about authors who put out only short sections of their books at a time. readers Do Not Like this. They would much rather wait and get the whole story at once. I too feel this way.

    I would love to be a beta reader who can pick up on some of those pesky errors that spell check does not catch. I would be happy to first pay for the book and then let you know if there are some changes that should be made. I often read where authors are given low ratings because of these small errors, rather than evaluating the story. As your books are in e format, making the changes and resubmitting should be easier and will result in a higher rating.

    Looking forward to your next book,
    Susan Dobroff

    • Thank you Susan! I appreciate your input. Yes, there are readers who do not like the serialized aspect of certain stories but then, there are others who love it. For Lana and Laird’s story, it would likely be similar to the Buchanan twins’ stories (approximately 30-40k), which is a novella size.

      And thank you for your offer of being a beta reader! I will definitely keep that in mind. I love beta readers. 🙂


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