I’ve been hard at work, doing something new! It’s a hybrid, New Adult-Romantic Suspense! Here’s a taste!

His eyes shone like hard bits of precious blue stone as he held my gaze, swallowing my soul. The message was loud and clear: I hate you for wanting you so badly. How did I know this? Because I felt the same way.
I wanted to reject this overwhelming desire to dissolve into his being nor did I want to admit that I had fallen just as quickly and dangerously for whatever it was that was happening to us both. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. If I tell you how it all started, maybe you’ll understand our confusion and you’ll get why neither of us wanted this intense catastrophe that we were both willingly courting. I mean, who actually drove straight for the cliff, Thelma and Louise-style? Before this moment, I would’ve said, I have no idea because it sounded crazy and I didn’t do crazy.
So how did it start?
Well…it started like this.
“Take slow, deep breaths…you’re in shock. Don’t worry, you’re safe.”
My teeth chattered as my entire body shook with cold and fear. The bite in the air was typical for winter in Washington state but the chill seemed to seep into my bones with malicious intent as it wrenched every bit of heat from my body as I coped with the events that had enveloped me in a nightmare’s embrace. “What’s your name?” I swung my gaze away from the clot of officers swarming the wooded area, looking for the man who had kidnapped me the day prior, and stared for a long moment, uncomprehending. His voice gentled as he tucked the blanket around me more tightly. The mist in the air made the rough fibers of the blanket smell like a wet dog but I didn’t care because I was damn lucky to be alive. “Ma’am…? Do you know your name?”
“C-charlie,” I stammered, forcing my own name from my lips as if it were stuck in my throat. “M-my name is Charlie Lansing.”
An approving smile spread across his mouth and I was inordinately distracted by how sensual his lips were. Totally inappropriate but maybe that was part of the shock setting in — my brain was throwing random bits of weird observations to distract me from the fact that my body was in imminent danger of shutting down.
“Good girl,” he said, rubbing my arms lightly to force circulation into my limbs. I’d been tied up in an old hunting cabin and I feared my arms might actually fall off if no one found me in time. “The ambulance is on the way. My name is Detective Luca Santucci and I’m here to help you but I need you to stay focused. Can you remember anything about the man who kidnapped you?”
I shook my head, trying to shake some sense into my brain. “I was asleep in my b-bed and then I woke up in that cabin,” I answered, shuddering at the memory. “I think he drugged me.”
“That seems to fit the M.O.” he agreed, still watching me carefully. I felt safe under that intense gaze, as if I could fall into his arms and forget everything that had just happened over the last twenty-four hours. But I knew that wasn’t possible. Somethings were permanently scratched into my memory like a cutter’s blade against fresh skin. “What else do you remember?”
I didn’t want to remember but I knew it was important.
“I’d been studying for a monster psych exam and I went to bed late. Then, I woke up here. I don’t know how I got here,” I admitted in a small voice as I began to shake again. This sort of thing didn’t happen to normal people like me. This was something that happened to people in the movies. It was a great plot — cute blonde college co-ed kidnapped from her apartment by some psycho with an agenda — but it wasn’t something that happened for real. Right? “I didn’t think I’d left the door unlocked but I was really tired…I don’t know…maybe?”
He put my fears to rest, saying, “He came in through the window and unlatched the front door. Bottom floor apartments should always have locking windows. At least that’s my opinion.”
I nodded. Surely, he knew what he was talking about. I could only imagine what kind of horrors he’d seen or investigated as a detective in this town.
I wanted to be helpful but I really couldn’t think of anything that might be of use. And besides I was fading fast, my legs felt like rubber and my brain like mush. My fatigue must’ve been written all over me because he signaled for the paramedics to come and collect me. “The ambulance is here. I want you to go with them and do what they say. I don’t want you to worry because you’re safe. Okay?” I nodded — or at least I think I nodded or I might’ve just jerked my head a little as I allowed the paramedic to lead me to the ambulance. I took one final glance back at Luca and if I lived to be a hundred I’d never forget what he looked like that day — tall, shoulders braced against the wind, blue eyes intense and searching — and something shifted inside of me, something that I couldn’t define or explain. But it changed everything. This was the man investigating my kidnapping, trying to find the man who would later be dubbed “The Boyfriend,” because this particular serial killer fancied himself in love with the women he abducted, and yet my heart sped up and I felt woozy. I’d like to say it was the danger of the moment, the adrenaline coursing through my veins as fear battled with the oxygen to my brain, but it wasn’t and I’d be lying if I said it was. The fact of the matter was, it was something far more primal, and infinitely more dangerous — and I wanted more.
Well? What do you think?


About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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3 Responses to Breathless

  1. susanhow says:

    You are doing a super job of pulling us right into the story. I can’t wait to read the finished book. I hope it will be at least 50,000 or more words of HOT action!

    • Thank you! I really like it. I’m not sure how long it will be. I’m sort of, just letting the story dictate the length. But it’s taking me a bit longer than I anticipated to get it finished so I might release a short story for fun.


  2. Tracy says:

    Wow! So much promise in a short teaser. Can’t wait to read the finished product.

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