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Sometimes you have to admit when something isn’t working. I designed the first LEVERAGE cover and although I was happy with it, it just didn’t seem to hit the mark with the readers so I had it revamped. This is … Continue reading

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In an effort to comply with Amazon’s draconian (and inconsistent) Terms of Service, I’ve been modifying some of my older, racier titles with new covers and blurbs as well as some modified content. It’s been a major time drain and … Continue reading

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Entire catalog. GONE

Kobo has removed ALL of my titles from their store front. Every single one. Talk about overreact, much? I don’t even know what to think anymore. Guess it’s time to write about almost kisses, behind the door chaste touches purely … Continue reading

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Amazon=Big Brother=Good grief

Amazon is at it again — purging titles they find “offensive” so as to protect our sensibilities from irreparable harm. And this time, they are being downright Draconian about it. You may remember last September something similarly underhanded happened when … Continue reading

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Broken boy and their pretty toys

Finally! A new release! It’s been a terribly long time since I put out something new so I’m very excited to offer my latest bad boy billionaire, Boston Kincaid. This guy definitely needs some healing and although she doesn’t know … Continue reading

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