Falling From Grace (Miles and Dani)





Actress Dani St. Claire crushed Miles Lassiter’s heart in pursuit of her film career. Now, she’s drowning in her own fame, unable to shake free from an endless blur of parties, drugs and sex, with no end in sight. Her friends in Tinseltown are no help — everyone wants a piece of her and watching Hollywood’s hottest new star fall from the sky is the best entertainment in town.
Living a quiet life on an isolated island resort, Doctor Lassiter doesn’t want anything to do with a certain red-headed actress. But, just when he believes he’s finally gotten over Dani, his good friend Lindy, an acclaimed actress in her own right, asks for a favor.
A big one.
In order to greenlight a movie project near and dear to her heart, Lindy needs Dani on set and cleaned up or the insurance company will bail and financing will disappear. Lindy knows Miles is the only person who can help Dani — even if helping Dani is the last thing Miles wants to do after she broke his heart.
Will Miles be able to put aside his pain to save Dani or will the painful memory of their shared past ruin any chance of a future? Find out in Alexx Andria’s sensually sweet sequel to the LEVERAGE series in FALLING FROM GRACE.
“Does this feel bad?”

“Depends on your definition of bad.” His arms tightened around her drawing her close. He stared down at her, losing himself for just a moment in her gaze. “Jesus, Dani, what are you doing to me?”

“The same thing that you do to me,” she admitted in a breathless whisper before sealing her mouth to his for a kiss that electrified every nerve ending and sent her brain scuttling for shelter. His tongue gently met hers in an exploratory journey that was both reluctant and urgent as if he were fighting his own desire and that was just fine with her because she understood his dual tendencies and matched it with her own. “I’ve missed you, Miles,” she said against his mouth, fighting the tears that immediately sprung to her eyes. His grip tightened and a small groan escaped as she felt the hardened ridge of his length pressing against her groin, igniting a small fire inside her belly. Her hand crept into the lazy waves of his hair and caught a grip, drawing him even nearer to her. She wanted to devour him, to make him a part of her so she’d never feel alone again. Their kiss changed in tempo and went from gentle to urgent and Dani lost all sense of reason. She wanted to feel him inside her, to know his touch again, and no amount of good sense was going to intrude on her most ardent desire. With her free hand, she rubbed the thick bulge through his board shorts, delighting in the familiar feel of him against her palm. It was as if time hadn’t passed and they were as they’d always been, except that tingling sense of discovery was still there. Their tongues danced, sliding along each other, tasting and teasing in a sensual tango that fired her blood and served as a stark reminder that every moment without Miles had been lacking in soul. But too soon, Miles began to put on the brakes, slowing his sensual attack until finally, they were apart, both breathing heavily and wondering what the next step would be between them. Dani could only hope that he would sweep her up in his arms and make love to her the way he used to but she knew in her heart of hearts that she was hoping for the impossible.


About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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One Response to Falling From Grace (Miles and Dani)

  1. dirobson71 says:

    What a great short read. It was great to see Miles get his HEA after LEVERAGE.

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