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There are TWO projects in the works! First off, a SUPER HOT biker menage story that is blistering the pages so I can’t post an excerpt of that one just yet and then another awesome, gritty and sexy, shifter story featuring an LA SWAT guy (a shifter bad ass cop? Swoon!) and that’s what I’m going to give you a taste of right now! Let me know what you think! (Oh, and this is RAW, as in no editing yet, so please, be kind! LOL)

“Well, this was a shit-storm and a half that went down,” Elijah Kane muttered to his partner Rook Valentino, surveying the gore and violence spread around like the white powder spilled all over the floor from the shoot-out that’d apparently happened sometime last night. He rose and signaled the all-clear to the rest of the SWAT team as they converged on the abandoned warehouse, the sounds of metal artillery and Kevlar echoing in the gloom. “Looks like the party started without us. Everyone’s dead already.”

“Fuck. I always miss the good times,” Rook said, his eagle eye taking in every detail. For a human, Rook was surprisingly adept at picking up even the smallest clue. “I didn’t even get to fire my newest toy.” He shouldered his AK-47 with a grunt of disappointment. “Day late and a dollar short. Story of my life. What do you make of this?” he asked, turning serious. “Seems pretty obvious that someone is targeting the drug dealers before we can get to them.”

Elijah nodded, thinking the same. “Yeah, if this was anything else, the players would be dead but the dope would be gone. I’d say there’s a cool five hundred G’s in coke spilled all over the place.”

“So what’s the deal? Hostile take over? Another rival gang trying to set up shop and sending a message?”

“Maybe,” Elijah agreed but something else was tingling in his senses, a warning of something bigger, more sinister and far more dangerous than a bunch of dope dealers trying to snag new territory. He lifted his nose to surreptitiously scent the air. There it was…the lingering scent of something that immediately caused his lip to curl. Rook caught the motion and waited, tensed and alert. Rook was human but he knew Elijah’s biggest secret and better yet, kept it.

“Yeah? Got something, Fido?”

“Fuck off but yeah,” he admitted, keeping his voice low. “And it ain’t good.”

“Great. Maybe I’ll get to use this bad boy after all,” Rook said, grinning. “Nothing like coming to a party overdressed.”

“You got silver bullets in that bad boy?” Elijah quipped darkly. “’Cause the bullets you got in that thing will just piss them off.”

“My favorite…shifter criminals. The best. Tell me why I hang out with you? One of these days you’re gonna get me killed.”

“I told you I’m a bad influence,” Elijah said, shrugging as he strode from the warehouse, leaving the team to secure the location while he let the chief know the incident was a big fat bust. He gestured to Rook. “C’mon you big pussy. You’re filling out the paperwork on this one.”

“The fuck I am,” Rook disagreed, shooting Elijah a short smirk. “This one’s on you. I told you we should’ve hit at midnight instead of this first light shit. If we’d busted up the party when I’d suggested, we might’ve caught us some bad guys.”

“Yeah, well something tells me it’s a blessing we missed this dance party. No one here got out alive.”

“True enough but I’m still not doing the paperwork. Besides, it’s your turn anyway. I did the paperwork for the York Town warehouse and that was a bitch. Do you know how many pieces of evidence we logged? Shit…my fingers are still cramping from all that typing.”

“Maybe if you did more than hunt-and-peck you’d be in better shape,” Elijah shot back with a quick grin but in all seriousness, there was nothing to laugh about. The City of Angels had no idea what roamed the streets at night — and broad daylight —and they were better off for it but Elijah knew what prowled and fed on human flesh. He knew what lurked in the shadows with dripping fangs and a thirst for blood. Mostly because he’d been born into it. Elijah Kane was more than just L.A. SWAT…he was shifter-born in a world of man, a legacy to a more primal universe, one where blood and violence were the only currency worth respecting.

“So, what’s the plan?” Rook asked. “My trigger finger is getting itchy.”

“The plan? Not dying comes to mind,” he retorted but Rook had a point. They had to do something about the turf war going on beneath the surface of civilian life. The only problem? The warehouse stank of his brother.

His twin brother.

“Let me ask around,” Elijah told Rook. “Someone’s gotta know what’s going down.”

“You think this is Decklin’s doing?” Rook asked, zeroing in on Elijah’s darkest thought.

“I don’t know,” he answered, scanning the street, looking for any indication that whoever had sliced and diced their way through the warehouse was still hanging around for funsies. “This isn’t exactly his style but it’s not like we’ve been throwing back beers lately. Frankly, if he were standing here in front of me I’d probably throat-punch him first and ask questions later.”

“Family reunions must be a gauntlet. Anyone die over a turkey leg?”

“Just the turkey.”

“And by turkey, you mean human, right?” Rook supposed with a shudder and Elijah laughed as he clapped him on the shoulder.

“Aren’t you glad I never acquired a taste for the pink meat?”

“Hell yes. It would make being your partner a little awkward knowing that you’re salivating over my sexy ass.” Rook flexed for effect and then kissed his bicep. “With a little barbecue sauce, this shit would be hard to resist.”

“Jesus, you crazy ass freak,” Elijah actually laughed. “Let’s hurry up and mop up this scene so I can get to the paperwork.”

“Naw, you go ahead and take the Range Rover. I’ll hold down the fort with the team. Lord knows someone’s gotta keep Granger from fucking everything up with his demented sense of duty.”

“Keep him from packing his nose with the evidence,” Elijah said, climbing into the department vehicle. “Keeping him clean and sober around all that shit is going to be a challenge.”

“Challenge accepted,” Rook said. “Or, I could just look the other way and let the fucker OD himself. Might be less work.”

“Yeah, but you’ll be filling out that muthafucking paperwork all by yourself.”

“Shhhit. You gotta point. I’ll keep him clean. He can off himself on his own time.”

“Good thinking.” He tossed a wave at Rook and then split the scene. The minute he hit the freeway, his mind was moving faster than the Rover with it’s lights blaring. Could Decklin be responsible for the carnage? Entirely possible. Decklin was dangerous. He was a fucking animal.


Eva Kaylee swallowed the lump of fear clotting in her throat as she inched out of the shadows. Every sound was a threat but silence was worse. You never saw death when it came for you. Death came swiftly with razor claws and sharp fangs. Eva knew because she’d seen it firsthand. The bodies, the blood. So much of it. She was the worst of her kind — not human but not a true shifter either — a half-breed, just like her twin sister, Elena.

She had one hope and it was a thin one at that. Climbing the fire escape, she scaled the backside of the building and lifted the window, not surprised that it wasn’t latched. Whoever had the misfortune to climb through Elijah Kane’s window likely wouldn’t survive to tell the tale. She had to hope he was different than his brother, Decklin, or else she and Elena were dead.

Eva gingerly stepped over the window flashing and had just enough time to yelp before she was yanked inside and thrown to the floor. “Please don’t hurt me,” she cried, covering her head, desperately afraid that fangs going through her tendons would be next. “Please, I need your help!”

“Who the fuck are you?” he said, his voice thick. It was too dark to see but Eva knew from experience the sound of a partial shift. His teeth were likely crowding his mouth, nicking his lips with sharp tips as his fingers curled with claws. Even partially shifted, the Wolvyrn were enough to make even the most jaded warrior shit himself a little.

“My name is Eva Kaylee and I need your help, please.” She climbed to her feet slowly with her hands outstretched in a show of submission. “You’re my only hope. If you send me away, my sister will die and I will surely follow.”

“What are you? I smell human but…I also smell…” he stopped then said, “you’re a half-blood.”

She nodded with misery. “My mother was human. She had the misfortune to be raped by my fucking father and bore him two half-blood twin daughters before dying.”

“So you can’t shift?” he supplied in a hard tone, unmoved by her story. Hope sank as she suffered the fear that Elijah was no better than his brother even if he did wear a badge.


“Who is after you?”

Eva waited a heartbeat then admitted in a small voice, “Your brother.”


YEAHHHHHH BABY! Who loves it?? (I do.)

This story is untitled as of yet, but I do have a title for the biker menage and its…….KINGS OF ASPHALT with the series title of CLUB CHROME.


Hugs and kisses my lovelies!!



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4 Responses to New Project

  1. says:

    Kings of asphalt? Outstanding title.  But, I have to say that this shifter story has certainly peaked my interest and cannot wait for it. 

  2. Kimberly says:

    I can’t wait! I am loving that it is a shifter story too!

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