Kings of Asphalt…LIVE!

It took a while longer than I anticipated but KINGS OF ASPHALT is live! If you haven’t had a chance to pick it up, please do so before it goes off sale!

Now the big question is…will they ride again? So many readers have responded exuberantly to my new MC romance that they are begging for another and I do have a few ideas in the brain but I haven’t had a chance to flesh them out. I can give you a hint though…BRONX. If you haven’t read the book yet, that won’t make sense so GO READ THE BOOK! 😉

Anyway, in the meantime, there are some shifters who are calling my name…

Click HERE to purchase from Amazon.



About Author Alexx Andria

USA Today bestselling romance author
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2 Responses to Kings of Asphalt…LIVE!

  1. alegna says:

    Hi am having problems downloading your book this is my third attempt to buy the storie but w no luck. Inted of the KOA book I keep getting a different stories. Please if you have any idea on how I can fix this problem would you let me know thanks

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