Laird and Lana…they’re here!

The Buchanans are back!

The Buchanans are back!

Laird and Lana’s story is here! Thanks to the vocal cries of my ardent fans, Laird and Lana FINALLY have their HEA. This was a tough one, I’ll admit, because I knew it couldn’t just be a bunch of hot, wild sex. For those who remember, Lana had been through something truly brutal and it was going to take a gentle touch to get her back on her feet. Of course, I knew Laird was the one for her but I think I was afraid to touch that hot stove. However, I am sooo glad that I did because it enabled me to see that the Buchanans are coming back with a whole new branch of COUSINS!

Yes! Welcome to Sutton, Reece and Whitney, a whole new branch of Buchanans who harbor their own secrets and skeletons. I hope you enjoy the newest chapter and look forward to reading more about this billionaire family!



p.s. Here’s the buy link for A CHRISTMAS PROMISE



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USA Today bestselling romance author
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  1. Lisa says:

    Alexx Im confused about what books that you are giving away..

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