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Laird and Lana…they’re here!

Laird and Lana’s story is here! Thanks to the vocal cries of my ardent fans, Laird and Lana FINALLY have their HEA. This was a tough one, I’ll admit, because I knew it couldn’t just be a bunch of hot, … Continue reading

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Watch out Pyro, Angel is coming…

She’s broken — and it’s his fault. Now she’s coming to collect a debt, whether he’s ready or not!

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Cover reveal: UP IN FLAMES

Oh yes, I’m fast at work for Pyro’s story, UP IN FLAMES. I am so excited about this story, deeper, darker, and what a love story. Not an easy one (which are my favorite!) but so epic. Let met tell … Continue reading

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All Dogs Bite, live!

Oh, happy day! It’s ready! It’s live and you can PURCHASE it! All Dogs Bite, what a labor of love. I can’t believe how these characters just grabbed onto me and wouldn’t let go until I gave them their own, … Continue reading

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Done and with the editor and beta reader. Hopefully, a Monday release! Who’s excited?? ME!! This book is longer, hotter, and wowza, the love story is just so brutal and raw (but sweet, too). Come with me on this journey. … Continue reading

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Something a little different!

All Dogs Bite, is coming soon — such a good story, I promise! These characters are merciless. Each time I try to wrap it up, they make me keep going and I should warn you…this book is FOUR-ALARM fire HOT! … Continue reading

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All Dogs Bite, coming soon

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Countdown to ALL DOGS BITE!

ALL DOGS BITE, the sequel to KINGS OF ASPHALT will go live in September and I want to give away loads of cool prizes to kick-off the new release! So that means awesome stuff for YOU, my readers! Make sure … Continue reading

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Good to be loved!

So, my fans have spoken and I always listen when that happens. What am I talking about? I am currently writing a sequel to KOA, featuring Bronx Harris, the leader of the Road Dog MC and who else should be … Continue reading

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Kings of Asphalt…LIVE!

Jax knew the minute the curvy brunette walked in she wasn’t no club whore. She had a look about her that was sweet and innocent even though those pretty doe-brown eyes snapped with open curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. Most club girls were hard and their hearts were as jaded as the guys they fucked. There was nothing hard about this little chicklet. Everything about her was soft and squeezable. Her tits, bobbing right beneath his nose, were made for a man’s mouth. Hell, a man could lose himself for days in that succulent body and never complain about the lost time. And damn, she was pretty cute, too. His sharp gaze took in every detail, committing it to memory. Young, maybe about twenty-five if he were to guess, with soft-as-a-baby’s-ass skin — she was a dangerous one to keep around. She was the kind of girl that made a guy wonder what the other side looked like — and that was a luxury he and Hunter couldn’t afford.
The best thing he could do for this little imposter was to scare the life out of her so that she never tried something so stupid again. However, he wasn’t above enjoying the lesson.
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